Chlidren Qur'ān Memorisation (Hifẓ) Programme

Memorise the entire Noble Qur'ān from qualified teachers

The Qur’ān Memorisation (Hifẓ) Programme is a supervised and systematic approach to commiting the entirety of the Qur’ān to memory. This program constitutes one-on-one reading with a Qārī. There are no set limits on how many āyāt are memorised daily, this will be determined between the student and the instructor on an individual basis. Students will be evaluated at set points in the year and milestones set to monitor progress.

Students will be required to have:

  • Fluency in reading from the Muṣḥaf;
  • Ages 7 – 18, and;
  • Attend a 5 days a week.

To teach students how to memorise the whole Qur’ān with Tajwīd and to act and behave accordingly to the Qur’ān. Students will also aim to develop an understanding of the Qur’ān, learn the etiquettes and characteristics of a hafiẓh of the Qur’ān, and know the importance of preserving it.

At the end of the programme participants should be able to:

  • Develop a strong memorisation process.
  • Develop an effective revision habit.
  • Learn methods and practise an attention to detail to reduce mistakes in recitation.
  • Adapt correct pronunciation and joining letters and words.
  • Memorise a significant portion of the Noble Qur’ān.

Please note: The programme may continue as long as the student wishes to attend; students may continue until they have completed the entire Muṣḥaf.

Upon completion of the Qur’ān Memorisation Programme, if a student has completed the entire Muṣḥaf, a graduation ceremony will be held and the student will be presented with a certificate of completion.

Term Dates 2023-24

Autumn Term 2023

Term Starts: Monday 23rd October
Term Ends: Friday 22nd December 2023
Winter Holiday: 25th December – 5th January

Spring Term 2024

Term Starts: Monday 8th January 2024
Term Ends: Friday 8th March 2024
Ramaḍān Holiday: 11th March – 12th April

Summer Term 2024

Term Starts: Monday 15th April 2024
Term Ends: Friday 2nd August 2024
Break for ‘Īdu-l Aḍḥā: 17th – 21st July



About the Instructor

Habib Ahmed

Habib Ahmed was raised in Loughborough for the majority of his life where he completed the memorisation of the Qurʾān in his early 20s. He is pursuing an Ijāzah as well as actively seeking knowledge locally.