Alḥamdulillāh, the beginning of the month of Shawwāl has been announced and ‘Eidu-l Fiṭr will be on Wednesday 10th April, In shā Allāh. This means that the last Tarāwīḥ prayers will be held this evening, Monday 8th April 2024 after Ṣalātu-l ‘Ishā at 9:30pm.

Loughborough Muslim Centre will be holding Ṣalātu-l ‘Eid at 8am and we encourage everyone to attend the Prayer with the rest of the community.

Ṣalātu-l ‘Eid

‘Eid Party

We are holding an ‘Eid Party again this year at 4pm In shā Allāh:

We would like to respectfully request that the community heed the rights of our neighbours on us and park responsibly in our car park and around the area. Please refer to our parking advice on our contact page.

May Allāh, Jalla Jalāluh, accept all of our good deeds from this month past and grant us the opprtunity to witness Ramadhān next year.